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Losing your job is a miserable thing. Unfortunately, it is happening time and again these days. If you are let go, it is vital that you understand the tax consequences of losing your job. No, being fired isn’t taxable, but follow up events can be.

Everyday hundreds of skilled experienced workers are ignored and passed over to someone who could present themselves as a better candidate. Please don’t let this surprise you. Human judgement is flawed; if it wasn’t we would not need to fire anyone and the economy would be a lot better. Job hunting is a public relations gig–that is all it is and all it can possibly be. No one can judge you correctly from a resume; it’s impossible. All people can do is pick out a reasonable choice and it will almost always be based on whatever superficial clues you happen to give that you are the “right hire”.

But how do you negotiate with labor unions? Currently we see at Ford Motor Co. an offer of a pretty decent severance package to some 70,000 employees to take early retirement. Meanwhile Ford Motor Co. has announced last year that it will layoff 300,000 people within the next four years. Currently they are letting go 14,500 people and in doing so that does give the upper hand to Ford Motor Co. in negotiating with the unions and getting employees to take the arbetsdomstolen packages.

This depends greatly on the individual and the thickness or coarseness of the hair. Some prefer to change a blade after using it once or twice others after or Labour Court times while many expect between to uses.

Health insurance coverage – When you get laid off from your job, your health insurance goes with it. For those who have chronic health problems or pre-existing conditions, having some type of health insurance is crucial for surviving a layoff. Since you are not employed anymore, the company is not responsible for reasonable severance pay for your health insurance. Employers offer insurance coverage through COBRA. However, it will cost you more.

What am I saying? I am saying that what would appear to be a very dark and scary moment for you, your family, and your career may not be that at all. For me, it positioned me very well to pursue my Information Technology career goals and in addition, transition into new endeavors: Pastoral Ministry and writing. When I lost the job at the telecom company, I would never have believed I would be doing what I am now.

To start paying the bills, I soon took an entry-level job which paid $9.00 per hour. This was about 20% of my previous income and was just not enough. Being back to work felt good, but seeing my first payroll check just about put me in shock. I knew this was not enough to keep my “head above water”, there had to be more…a better way!

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