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Your business reputation is affected more by your response to customer complaints than any other factor. When you get a customer complaint, genuflect and say thanks to your God, because your customer is giving you a helping hand without charging you.

Xing – Another allstar social network, only this one is from those crazy Germans. Quality outbound links, good network base, pages for company and individuals, and sittin’ on a PR8. Not much to say, this is pretty vanilla. It ranks well, it helps your other sites rank, and it is a great social pillar to add to your online empire.

If you want to stay on top of current trends or news that relates to your business, Google Alerts allows you to do just that. You can sign up for daily or weekly alerts that show you news, blogs, videos, discussions related to your field of interest. If you own a local jewelry store, you could create an alert that will show you anything related to jewels so you can stay updated on international stories that may affect the prices of your products. Furthermore, it will tell you what people are saying about you based on your keywords so it helps with What Is Online Reputation Management Exactly?. You can set up an alert with your business name and anything related to your business will show up here.

You cannot outrun the lion. One of my favorite cases is BC’s extra curricular activity with Monica. This is what happens when you try to outrun the lion: Mr. Prez, did you have sex with Monica? No…, well maybe…, actually it was inappropriate. Bingo, let us get him! This is how I would have done it: Mr. Prez, did you have sex with Monica. Oh yes, we had great sex! I have lot of juicy details as well. Would you like to have them? Thank you, Sir, that would not be necessary. You (and Monica) have a great day! You see, if you try to run, they chase you. If you hide, they look for you. Lies feed on lies and uncover more lies. The truth is where the buck stops!

People love free stuff and if you add a little competition, such as a contest, you’re in business! This is the easiest way to build links Online Reputation Management but the trick is to entice people to share the URL of their submission. The more links the higher your page rank and search engine listing will rise since your website traffic will significantly increase. You can build a micro-site just for the contest and then link it to your main site. Fortune 500 companies do it all the time.

If you suspect you have links to your site that you don’t know about, use a tool such as SEOmoz to check your backlinks. There have been occasions when a website has bought links to a competitor’s site, and then reported the site to Google. Using SEOmoz will allow you to see what sites are linking to you. If you find a site that should not be linking to you, contact them and demand to be delinked. If your demand goes unheeded, have the rel=”no follow” attribute added to them.

Buzzlogic takes monitoring to another level by offering you watch lists that allow you to monitor specific blogs, bloggers and social maps. There are two separate options with this service one for marketers and one for public relations individuals.

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