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This is our second Australian wine, and our first Sauvignon Blanc. Australia is a major wine producer partly because Australians drink well over twice as much wine per capita as do Americans. The wine reviewed below comes from Victoria, Australia’s smallest mainland state, which is second in the country’s wine production.

Never ever over-feed your goldfish. Goldfish do not know anything about their dietary needs. They will eat whatever you provide within a few minutes. They can eat until they drop dead. Moreover, you must also remove any food residue left in the water or it may rot and give rise to bacteria formation.

The second meal consisted of broccoli and spinach crepes (store bought) with sour cream. The wine was floral with fleeting acidity. It was light tasting as was the food. The Rueda was not powerful but it was subtle. I finished the meal with a French-style high-quality lemon pie with a buttery crust. Even though the wine was weak it was enchanting.

The process of making it can be considered Buy bordeaux grand crus online as an art for each wine maker can add her or his personal touch when making one. It is said that in every vineyard have its own unique characteristic which can affect the wine outcome.

Then I tried this wine with beef stew and potatoes. I tasted some fruit and even a bit of tobacco. The Beaujolais- Villages Nouveau was mildly acidic and fairly short. Dessert was homemade sesame seed and sunflower seed cookies slathered in homemade Concord grape jelly. I didn’t make the cookies or the jelly, but I raised the Concord grapes myself. This year’s crop was bountiful, and if I daresay, delicious. Needless to say, I did not attempt to make wine out of them. Anyway, the wine was considerably less fruity than the jelly. As always, I don’t blame the wine for unorthodox pairings that don’t succeed, but I just had to try my grapes.

Much like the surrounding states of Missouri, Iowa, and Indiana, Illinois offers several appealing destinations to wine travel lovers. You’ll find clusters of wineries in every part of the state, including metropolitan Chicago. Grapes grow well here, and Illinois vintners display their creativity by making a tempting array of wines that are attracting national press.

It is very important to provide lots of French baguettes, and plain brie cheese, so that your guests are able to clear their palates BEFORE each DIFFERENT wine. By doing this, they will be able to truly get the BEST sense of the qualities of the next wine. As the host, you should encourage all of your guests to follow this procedure. Make it part of the ritual, and most importantly, HAVE FUN!

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