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DANBURY, Conn. — At 3:30 pm I went to the 7th Ward district in Danbury to vote in Tuesday’s primary election. I am welcomed in the parking lot by two men holding up signs for Gallo, Garcia, Schiff and Greenberg. As I approach the registration table, an 80 something year old woman looks at my driver’s license and then looks up my name on the roster and with a ruler lines up my name and address and crosses me out. Then another woman hands me a ballot and I go over to the open booth/desk and fill in the SAT style ballot for the candidates I want to vote for.

With unstable world energy situation as it is now, we all need to be thinking about renewable sources of energy at our homes. While right now it is a nice cocktail party conversation piece, fossil fuel prices continue to rise with the contentious Middle East political communications company situation, having a wind turbine as well as other renewable sources of energy at your house will become more and more just a fact of life.

Fifth, I say what I think. You ask me what I think about something and I’ll tell you. I have been described as “suicidally honest,” a real death knell for any politician in this day and time.

We need democracy at play at international levels, to carry the writ of the majority who are for peace & isolate those with vested interests to keep the tensions ongoing. The world has to unite, focus on what benefits humanity, and get cracking without let-up. We lose time, money & even precious lives by intransigence that sees issues being unresolved & passed on from generations to generations. Their resolutions based on compromises would have carried us to another level; investments of time & money there from would have enriched us all, not least from better understanding based on basic human courtesy.

Easterners don’t seem to care a whole lot about the people of the West anyway. They will have their places to live in the East and they can come to the West to vacation. In the West they will get a taste of the different and uniquely beautiful. Of those who do decide to stay in the West, many have government jobs. Or hold jobs that do things that don’t exactly have them living in parts political communications company of the state where the way of life is by the use of natural resources. Quite a few of the activists are even supported by PACs and donations. That way they can carry on with their cause without getting another job. These perceptions of those who oversee the management of lands and those who are campaigning for more wilderness to be set aside breed distrust in those who have roots on the land going back over 100 years.

On the cover were a myriad of snow people, igloos and snowflakes. The snow people had instruments with notes floating out of their horns and flutes, which mingled with the winter landscape. Big block letters spelled out WINTER CONCERT. Then it hit me, what were we celebrating? Winter? We hated winter! I read the program, using my now un-gloved finger to guide me through every word….not one song that bespoke of the holidays that were less than two weeks away! Just then, my husband came through the crowd, his cheeks puffed out, his face red. I looked back at him wearing a miffed expression on my own face, my arms at right angles, palms turned up in an expression of, what?

It is time we refocused on pending issues, keeping in sight the welfare of millions who suffer for no fault of theirs. Why live in eternal crisis when solutions can be had? Where there is a will, there is way!