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We hear the requisite warnings throughout every cold and flu season: wash your hands, cough and sneeze into your elbow, stay home when you’re sick. This is all great advice for sick people! But how can you prevent colds and flus when you’re healthy, besides washing your hands?

These are good to hang items. If you wish to hold big things like your bike, make sure the lift is large-sized along with sturdily fixed on the wall. On a wall near your current workbench, you could have many modest hooks to hold your equipment.

Evenflo Classic Glass Bottle. Evenflo has blotted out the use of BPA in all their baby bottles especially the keinplastik s. Naturally so, their glass baby nursers do not, in anyway, contain any materials or chemicals which may interfere with the health of your baby. Evenflo’s glass bottles are a great alternative for plastic and are highly recyclable. The sensitive response nipples or teats would allow even distribution of air inside lowering the intake of air and reducing the gas inside your baby’s tummy.

Inside the form of Earth Friendly Products Wave Auto Dish Gel. I Adore this stuff! It works like a dream, but alas, it truly is in plastic. At the very least it is a plastic that my municipality will accept for recycling. Still, it seemed this bit of plastic was unnecessary in my life. Unable to discover an appropriate plastic-free solution in the marketplace I decided to make my own.

Not only will this save the environment by decreasing the amount of plastic-free on your campus, but will also help keep you hydrated and your metabolism high. A water bottle can be refilled at any water fountain and can easily be drank in class or while riding a bike.

Use a surface covering – Take a plastic sheet and cover it up with double sided tape, creating your own homemade stick mat. Use this to cover your table or counter tops when not in use. The end result is the surface becomes uncomfortable for your cat to walk on. He may jump once or twice, decide he doesn’t like it and hop back down. Within a couple of days to a few weeks, he’ll stop his leaping behavior all together, where you will no longer have to use your sticky mat.

Drop it in a bag. Another popular way of marketing plush is attaching it to a cute little gift bag. Plush-in-a-bag makes great baby shower presents, Christmas presents, and other themed gifts for school carnivals. To customize a dollar store plush, attach it with sewing thread to the inside of a colorful bag.

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