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Riding horses is a passion and there are few sports so elegant and graceful. Riding a horse does require a certain amount of skill and expertise especially if the riding is at a competitive level like racing or even show jumping. The ability to sit well on a horse and to handle this beautiful animal comes with patience and hard work. While one can learn to ride or have an inborn skill that needs honing, it is very important to ride with the right clothes and gear. Horse riding has its own style of clothes and riders are very smartly dressed in well fitting breeches, hats, gloves, a tucked in shirt, riding crop and boots of course.

While you are riding, in the unlikely event of your horse deciding to do a speedo, number 1 priority – do not lean forwards – lean back or you will fall off. Leaning forwards helps the horse gain speed, that is why jockey’s do it! You want to slow him down so lean back,making his back – end heavier and harder to move. Do not scream! This will excite him further and make him go faster! Horses are herd animals, and will rarely volunteer to leave the other horses so it is unlikely your horse will attempt this in a ride of even just two or three horses.

This game is played just like musical chairs. However, instead of chairs, ground poles are used. The ground poles will be placed parallel to each other, about eight feet apart. This will create what will look like a “parking lot” for horses. Just ensure that there is one less ground pole parking lot than the quantity of players.

When it comes to following the trends, apparel provides the most scope and opportunity. Any new apparel worn by riders for shows and competitions quickly becomes available for others to purchase. Recently there has been a movement towards the softer shades of blue, green and purple which have become very popular. Breeches in white or other light colours are chosen by the majority of riders. In the case of show coats, the tendency is to go for darker shades like navy or black, although there are riders who prefer brown or khaki. Riders sometimes choose coats with stripes or patterns instead of plain ones.

Preparing to ride a horse may take time. It needs grooming and proper setup of equipments. Try to be eager in assisting the trainer in grooming and dressing the horse. Hands-on training is a beneficial factor in learning.

The more you can get in writing, the better. At a minimum you should expect to receive a Bill Of Sale in which the horse is identified by name, age, breed, color, sex and any other identifying traits that distinguish him from another horse. If any of those elements of the contract are later found to be untrue, you may have a cause of action if the breach is material. For example, if the horse is said to be 6 years old and in fact he is 5 years old, you may not be damaged in the eyes of the law. If the horse is said to be 6 years old and he is in fact 18, you would be damaged because you are buying a horse whose lifespan is significantly less than you expected.

Common sense is your best friend when it comes to riding in hot weather. Get to the barn early in the morning and enjoy the cool air. Stay in the shade whenever possible and be sure to keep sipping away at your water, Gatorade, fruit juice, or other appropriate beverage. Make frequent stops at the water bucket or trough, and dress in light colored, lightweight horse riding apparel. Keep horse tack to a minimum and be aware of the signs of dehydration. The nicest weather in the world won’t do you any good if you end up spending your summer vacation in the hospital or working a second job to pay vet bills. Stay hydrated, stay in the shade, dress yourself and your mount appropriately, and know your limits in order to enjoy a summer of equestrian fun.

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