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Feng Shui grows out of ancient Chinese philosophy that believes that energy flow in the home reflects positively or negatively on the life of it’s inhabitants. Feng Shui strives to create harmony, balance and a pleasing aesthetic in every room because every room corresponds to an important area of one’s life. However, nothing is more important than a home’s entrance door, because this is how energy comes into the home and indirectly, into your life.

Do not hang date calenders either in front or back of the front door. It is said that they affect the longevity of the inmates and is symbolic of telling you how many days are left remaining in your life!

To use the Bagua, you need to place the Bagua grid on the floor of the office. Next, you need to shift all the feng shui items elements that are to be placed in your office to the appropriate positions so as to enhance these areas in your life. In laying out your office, examine the Bagua and pay attention to all the areas. This is because there should be a balance between all the areas in your life. This will keep the energy flowing into your work place and bring about almost all the things that you wish for.

I am particularly grateful for unlimited long distance, instant messaging, texting, Facebook and MySpace which allow us to stay in close contact each and every day. Her move prompted me to return to my hometown more often and absorb feng shui items the love and support of lifelong friends and family members.

Consider also that a lot of women stay in a relationship due to lack of skills, independence, self-esteem, money, and other essentials to self-empowerment so then don’t really have a choice. They aren’t free to choose. The New Feminine Brain offers resources so women can have the freedom to understand their unique brain style, play out merits, fix moods, and live in peace. Whether or not this means a partner or not.

Consult horoscopes, physics, feng shui experts and everything lucky-making under the sun. List your lucky numbers and play them for the day. Make sure that the expert says that these numbers will make you rich, or else go to another much better expert.

Red candles are a good addition that sparks the fire of your desire. Laughing Buddha’s smile cheers you up. Rubbing Buddha’s big belly brings you luck. A Japanese double happiness symbol placed in the southwest will attract and enhance your happiness in the bedroom. Moon energy streaming in from a full moon balances yang energy of the sun and increases your luck in love.