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Nothing beats the rush of adrenaline when it comes to putting on your hiking boots and trudging off to hike. And what better place to go hiking than on a Nova Scotia hiking trail.

Lost Children’s Discovery Trail – this trail is very popular with school groups, so you may find it crowded at times. It is an easy hike and is only 0.7 of a mile. The trail leads to a natural waterfall.

West Ridge Trail is position alongside three other trails: Bennett Creek, Fall Creek, and South Fork trailways. The Lime kilns, Cape Horn, and the Lost Empire trails are located at the 1.7 mile marker. There is a large tree called Big Ben and a Barrel Mill which fashions redwood lumber into barrel heads.

Summer is not good time to hike the gorge because summer is the rainy season and the trails are dangerous to hike and mountains are covered in cloud. October and November are the best times to visit the gorge after the rainy season is over and before the area becomes too cold and uncomfortable in winter. So for the last half year I’ve been waiting for the October national holidays to arrive so I can visit one of China’s finest hiking.

Ohlone Bluff Trail is positioned in Wilder Ranch State Park. The trail is named for the indigenous people who once filled the area. Picnic spots are available along several parts of the trail. Hours can vary on different parts of the trail, so a watch is necessary.

The trail – The first few hours on the trail are easy with great views and not very demanding. At this stage you are lulled into a false sense of complacency and tell your guide that you really don’t need their help. The trail is not difficult until you reach the 28 bends where it is very tough and at this stage you really have to push yourself. The 28 bends is a killer and you can see scores of tourist collapsed all along the side of the trail there.

It will take your breath away with dramatic mountain scenery, waterfalls, birds and the bush. It covers thirty two kilometres over three days across an alpine saddle. A South Island vision.

These are just a few of the things which you are advised to consider when planning a hiking trip of any duration. By taking into account all of the above you will have an enjoyable trip, memorable for the right reasons.