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Email marketing is one of Internet marketing techniques used by Internet marketer in promoting products and services and in making money online. Among the many techniques, this is the easiest thing to do. And so far, this technique does not upset Internet marketer nor businessmen. The main reason for email marketing is to drive clients to your web site, where you can sell your products and services to them. But in order to do this you need a list of addresses.

There are several ways to get email addresses, you can buy or rent email list. But this is not always the best strategy because there is no guarantee that the company you choose to got the addresses are legitimate. So far the best method to stick around with is the opt-in email lists for marketing purposes. Expanding your email list should be your main priority because these lists are actually the potential sales leads of your business. If you have a vast amount of sales leads, the more you will be making money online. Read more about Yellow Pages Scraper here.

Here are some tips on how to expand your email list:

Nowadays, people are very cautious in giving away their email addresses online. In order to break this habit, you should offer them something in return, such as newsletter and free ebook. They will be much more likely to give you their email address when subscribing. This method of offering subscriptions never fail other big and successful online sites.

When it comes to privacy people are hesitant to give their email address because for the main reason that they do not know you. They fear that you could be an email harvester who will sell their information to some porn sites. To overcome this situation, place a note near your subscription form saying that you will not sell or disclose the information that they provide. If you do this, there are great chances for your opt-in list to grow.

Lastly, do not ask to many information during the first time a certain visitor visits your site. Avoid asking their age and phone number. In this way you will not push them away from your site. Just simply ask for their email addresses and you will see a lot of subscriptions on your site as a result.

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