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This may seem obvious, but first and foremost, you need to write a good book, or better yet, a great book. I see so many indie authors who have not honed their craft yet, and their writing shows this. They don’t understand sentence structure, how to build engaging scenes, and so on. So first, take some time to study other authors, attend writing conferences or a creative writing class.

If you are into software, connect with people with software background or those who already work for leading software firms. Join Facebook groups, be active, talk to as many people as possible from your domain. It’s been reported that companies mostly hire through referrals. If you want to join a leading company, you have to know someone work for that company. Use your skills to integrate with those people and get their referrals, they will be more than willing to refer you. Moreover many companies pay for every referral, so take advantage of this.

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Whatever you decide to create, delivering compelling, relevant and engaging content that people want to share and… you guessed it… link to… is the number one way of attracting those crucial inbound links.

Since we’re focusing on gathering fans, you want to use Facebook for marketing. As authors, we spend money on editing our books (or you should), creating a cover (again, if you don’t, yo should), but we don’t think about a marketing budget. Big publishing houses take care of that for you (at least some of it), but indie authors have to do all of their marketing. You should have a budget for this, and it should include education on how to use Twitter, Facebook, and other Socialreseller sites for marketing. One of the biggest mistakes indie authors make is to either not create a Facebook fan page, or to not use Facebook for marketing.

This is what small business is all about! Farrar’s may be small but like many small business owners they think big. In fact they ‘do big’ better than most big companies do.

It is with these blogs you can potentially get the briefs you need, the truth and an insight on any grass roots movements that may be in fact creating news rather that just reporting it.

Finally, be reminded of the fact that companies search your profile on Facebook before hiring you. Do yourself a favor and keep your online footprint clean otherwise you may miss your job opportunity or even lose your existing job.