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The major casinos on the Las Vegas Strip do not usually market to local Las Vegas residents but in the slow months of August and September, deals can be found at the most luxurious hotels. Top of the line hotels such as the Wynn Resort, the Venetian and Bellagio all send out low room rate invitations or many of them send out free rooms to their best local Las Vegas customers.

Also, tadasana, the basis from which all standing poses stems, teaches us how to balance on and lift out of our feet. Click here to watch Yoga Journal’s teaching video for tadasana.

L. L. Reaper is the pseudonym my writing partner and I are using for our dangerously sexy suspense series, Black Widow and the Sandman. We’ve both been writing seriously for over six years and have titles published in different genres than suspense, which is the main reason we decided to use a pen name. This is our first time writing as a team, and it’s been a blast.

At this point, it does not really matter where you parked your car. A walk across to Primm Valley hotel is very refreshing. Yet, if walking is not your strength, catch the tram. It runs until eleven at night.

Certainly between the three of them the Palace Hotel seems to have more possibilities when it comes to type of room, and the range of budgets is pretty wide. In any case, it does seem to appeal more to the serious business life while Tropicana presents a more relaxed atmosphere. Riviera Hotel seems to offer a good intermediate between them, and the jacuzzi in the rooms is something I simply can’t stop thinking about…

A few months ago, I featured a 7-year-old kid that caught my eye in the Mayweather Gym while he was doing pad work with Roger Mayweather, trainer to Floyd Mayweather Jr. and is considered as one of the best trainers today. Last week, that kid, Demler Zamora III or “DJJ”, made his amateur debut at the Silver Nugget คาสิโนปอยเปต after turning 8 (the required minimum to compete) last April.

This is a person who disdains the material world, believing in the refinement of the mind or the spirit. Since they avoid money, it also avoids them, and they often wonder why they can’t express their talents more in the world.

All shows can be attended for half off during the week. Catch Phantom of the Opera for less than $50 or any of the Cirque Du Soliel shows along the Las Vegas Strip. Going to a show while on a staycation is a must because it is something most Las Vegas residents never take the time to do. The entertainment on the Las Vegas Strip is world famous, yet most Las Vegas locals make their way down in the area rarely if at all.