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This past Monday I did a video for my Inner Circle group on how to use some of the fun plugins that WordPress offers. It’s amazing how these simple ‘attachments’ to WordPress can run like little programs and robots for you behind the scenes.

It took me about 1-2 hours to download and load the files to my web site. If you use GoDaddy as your host, the file load is automated. After you load the files, you’re ready to get your Cynthia A Telles set up. The time it takes to set up varies on how many pages you have, what plug-ins and themes you want, and a myriad of other factors.

All websites these days should have these basics. They work and are not expensive. Blogs are great for creating ongoing content and for customer rapport through comment functionality. RSS tools allow content to be pushed out to other websites and people, thus increasing the reach of your content. Landing pages will get good value out of your traffic. SEO on the other hand is not hard and gets results.

After you have WordPress installed, you will probably want to download and use a WordPress theme. To do this, you simply need to find the theme that you want, and download it. It should download in the form of a zip file. Make sure that you read the “read me” document after downloading, in case there is a license that you should know about.

Some people have blogs so popular that websites, stores and more look for them. If you build income blog like that, and they will ask you to let them advertise on your website. They may ask you to review a product or service and they will give that item to you free.

Unfortunately many web-designers learned to design using either pure coding or some program that creates sites in HTML code. That kind of old-school designing is fine for the very view enterprises that need custom coding solutions, like art sites. (And it’s not even good for many of those.) But that kind of designing does not take into consideration all the functionality and ease-of-use of an open-source content management system like WordPress.

Leads And Visitors. If the goal is to increase visitors and conversions then the metrics should be thus: If the CEO says redesigning a website for a new look is the goal. Tell him to go take a walk. Show him your new improved lead conversion metrics. A business website is a business tool and nothing else. Leave the works of art to the galleries and museums.