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First of all, the difference between a light bulb and a laser is focus. In order to dominate your market, you need to identify it. Get specific. Although you may have developed an app that a large group of users will want, the easiest way to get some money in your pocket is to figure out a segment of your market that you can imagine will be hungry for the use of the app.

This one is tricky obviously because how do you make it a part of your marketing plan? You do not choose, but are chosen. I will say this for what it’s worth. I contacted iTunes about a month ago and asked to be featured Today we are. It never hurts to ask and it picsart apk can be worth quite a bundle! You never know who you’re going to reach. Someone may say something to someone else. That’s how it happens.

Becoming an accepted developer only gets you into the App Store. Of course, that’s the only way to distribute your applications, so it’s a necessary part of the process.

I know many of you might be PC users are some of you might baulk at the idea of using a Mac. Well, my advice is – give the Mac a chance. I’ve many friends who were once die-hard PC users who have now switched over to the Mac. Why? Because they want to write apps! And once they made the switch – they found the Mac to be so much easier to use and a really enjoyable experience.

How would you like to have business that has a platform that every single person has access to. You are part of the process of driving the audience but now the audience is getting rewarded.

Start reading iPhone dev books – Reading is one of the best ways to learn anything and this is no different. I would recommend buying books offline and reading them and then keeping them as a reference if you need to look back at them in the future. There are a lot of books out there to choose from so make sure you read up on reviews to make sure they will provide you with the iPhone development knowledge you’re looking for.

This has generated a lot of discussion in particular about what Apple, or developers should do, but in the end when you build something that can only be sold in one store, you are at the mercy of that store and its policies. That is the price you pay to have Porting and Distribution solved for you (at least with Apple anyway). Will the Andriod Market or the Blackberry Application Storefront change this – or just continue to make Porting a headache?