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Many organizations tackle to the issue of customer service by exhorting their employees to speak with a smile. Be polite. Never lose your cool. But isn’t that a little like closing the barn door after the horses have gotten out? Good customer service should be about a good customer experience with your product. This begins with the relationship your company cultivates with a customer.

What kind of business are you in? You may be in a ‘feel good’ business or you may be in a ‘feel bad’ business’ both have one thing in common. In each case Telus webmail outage is an emotional reaction.

Service isn’t just about taking an order quickly; shipping it on time and having the product meet expectations. Service is about the opportunity to keep your customer informed and aware of products you carry. All too often I would start to work with an existing account and found out they knew very little about the products and services the company offered. Why? Literature was sent but chances are the customer glanced through it looked for what they “needed” at the time then put the rest aside.

Dell being a giant in the computer industry has been facing certain lags from its tech support departments. Dell executives acknowledge the fact that Dell customer complaints were being caused due to the slow response level coming from their customer support personnel located in various countries. For this reason dell shifted back most of its customer services to US. They retrained their employees and took measures to resolve pending customer complaints.

Yes, I am suggesting that you fire those responsible for costing you money. I know, I know; this person is your sister-in-law and you owe her because she saved your life at Sea World, or your great-grandfather, who just got out of prison needed a job and just needs a little time adjusting to the outside world; you can’t fire them…they are family. Well fine then; I guess if you have to do something, let’s try training them before firing them.

At one company I once worked for it took years to finally convince them that top accounts would better be served by having Sales handle them. Unfortunately just turning an account over without the opportunity to build a relationship makes no sense. Customer Service rarely has the time or training to sell accounts. But what do you do when the customer just wants to place an order and not talk?

Your business can make huge gains if it invests in delivering exceptional customer service. They way most business stink at customer service; the bar to exceptional is not that high!

It is why retail businesses will survive the internet. So many people crave the personal touch and some personal contact. If you can bring yourself to the transaction as much as you bring the merchandise or service you will be delivering a quality customer experience which is all they are asking for. People are what it is all about. You will be rewarded.