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Clean up your trash.This particular folder stores removed files . Look at the folder simply to verify each of the data files that are not required and if yes , simply click right button and select delete everything.

Turning the cool looking visual effects like the fading of pages and the different colored taskbars/icons can make the response time of everyday task on Windows XP much faster. This can be done by going to your Control Panel>System>Advanced>Performance. Once there uncheck the options that you don’t want.

After Services has loaded, scroll through the list and locate the Windows Search service. This is the link indexing service. Right-click this service and select Stop.

In a common phishing scam, you receive an e-mail that looks quite official. It usually appears to come from a bank or credit card company. A common title for these e-mails is “We need to verify your account information.” Another is “Please logon to your account and verify your settings.” If you do click where instructed, you’ll end up on a site that appears to be the real one. If you fill in the username and password for of your on-line banking account, you can expect serious problems within twenty-four hours.

There are many services in windows 7 that we dont require for our daily use. There are some exceptional cases though. Services such as “print spooler” is only needed when we use a printer. If we use a printer only occasionally we can safely turn off that service in Windows 7 and turn it on only when we need to take a print.

If you have a system and it does not have an office suite, such as Microsoft Office, and you don’t want to pay several hundred dollars to have one, try Open Office. This is a great alternative to other suites, and it’s free! Simply direct your browser to and follow the instructions for downloading and installation. Make no mistake, this free office suite is an extremely powerful set of software tools – easily a match for any competitor.

Hopefully some of these tips will speed up your computer’s start time. Another option is to disable user passwords if your computer requires a password each time. Of course, you would need to balance your security situation with your need for speed. Let us know if you want help disabling this function.