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If you are a designer or an engineer, you must be very familiar with dxf format, it is a file format used by AutoDesk computer-aided design (CAD) files. It is similar to the DWG format, but is more compatible with other programs since it is ASCII (text) based. The DXF format was developed as a universal format so that AutoCAD documents could be opened more easily with other programs. For example, the Valve Hammer Editor can export 3D models as DXF files, which can be opened and edited with other 3D modeling applications.

Being the originator of the E series of QWERTY slide out phones, the E1000 was the first to bring many of the traits that have been seen on the E series phones since. Some of the features most featured are its easy Convert to PDF slide out QWERTY keypad hiding under the screen, the solid internet ability, being one of the first phones from China allowing screen orientation to landscape or widescreen based on orientation, and having many built in apps. Looking good at the same time also is something that the E1000 tries hard to accomplish (owing a bit of this to its copying a Nokia design to a degree). Owing to its success as a quite solid phone, it also allowed the development of more phones in the series (the E2000 and the E3000).

The power to educate is in the hands of the marketers and the people behind the scenes. Instead, some marketers are just sitting back and wondering why people don’t understand the far-reaching implications of QR technology. They don’t understand, because you aren’t telling them.

Select the “Insert” tab, go to the “Text” group and select “Object.” The “Object” dialog box appears. Select the “Create from File” tab.

Case in point: today’s free app is the OfficeSuite Pro 5. Create and view Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Developers, and Google Docs files on your phone. Normally $14.99, it’s free…for today only.

For my fellow Droid users, one of the most helpful- and economical- apps you can install is the Amazon Appstore for Android. You may be wondering, “Why do I need this app if I already have the Droid market on my phone?” Because every day, the Amazon Appstore gives you the option to download an app that normally costs money…for free. Each day, the giveaway app changes.

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