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I’m a bit socially challenged. I have friends at work that I chat with on a regular basis, but find myself a bit shy when encountering someone new. A few years ago, I worked for a publishing company and a group of us started up a silly group to socialize and get to know each other better. It doesn’t matter which website it was. From there we each hosted a party. I had a series of parties, but the favorite in my mind was the “Wine and Chocolate Party”, with fourteen people attending. I had hosted parties of eight before, but never to that great an extent.

You do not have to give up alcohol entirely if you want to control weight but you do have to limit the amount you drink. This is no different to the way we deal with the rest of our diet. It simply becomes a matter of choices. We have to choose what food or drink we will give up or cut down on to help us lose stomach fat. If you enjoy a glass of Wine and Chocolates Hamper Gift with a meal there is no reason to change that but you do need to be aware you are taking in extra calories. Maybe this means having one glass only or having it less frequently.

The Perfect 10 Diet: Dr. Aziz is anti the extreme-dieting trend. He suggests by optimizing the body’s levels of 10 key hormones people can increase energy and encourage weight loss. Bottom line: Calories should be allocated as 40% good carbs (beans, whole grains), 20% protein and 40% healthy fats.

Mark your calendars for September 29- Oct. 2 for the J22 North American Championship hosted by Rush Creek Yacht Club, in Heath Texas, on beautiful Lake Ray Hubbard. Rush Creek Yacht Club is known as the home Wine and Chocolate of champions having over years of champion sailors.

Have some juice with your breakfast. Fructose, found in all fruit juices, helps your body burn alcohol faster, says Dr. Diamond*. So grab some OJ or apple juice to speed up the hangover healing process.

Saturday, July 20: Kick off your Saturday with a drive to Boulder for Yoga Rocks the Park. Jeanie Manchester leads this yoga practice at Foothill Elementary School and Chuck White provides the live music.

Have fun creating your wine gift baskets. Wrap them in quality materials, and adorn them with colorful, striking bows. Deliver your wine gift basket with love, and take pride in sharing carefully selected items with those you love.