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By using a sitemap, you can make it very easy to get all of your pages indexed by Google. This can help you raise your rankings in Google, as well as help searchers find you.

If you aren’t using WordPress, you can easily set up a RSS feed using FeedBurner. Google Indexing service owns this platform so it is a good idea to be taking advantage of what this service provides. You should be submitting your RSS feed to FeedBurner even if you use WordPress.

Fortunately, there is another way to submit your site to Google to make your pages more visible in this search engine. You send it a map of every page of your site, called a sitemap.

By adding backlinks that point to your main domain and the URLs of your internal pages, you gain a trust in the eyes of search engines. When the search engines see that your site is gaining popularity like this, they will know that your site is in demand and has to offer very good quality information for the readers.

Google can be considered as the best search engine with the most relevant sites at the Add new URL to Google result list. It offers 1 trillion sites that are indexed by Google search engine. You will get lesser result compared to Google search engine. Google shows the most relevant site that has useful information for you. They have the engine that is used to filter the site based on the keyword of the site.

The relative importance of pages on your site. For example, your home page might have a relative importance of 1.0, category pages have an importance of 0.8, and individual blog entries or other pages have an importance of 0.5. This priority only indicates the importance of a particular URL relative to other URLs on your site, and doesn’t impact the ranking of your pages in search results.

After all the above steps done, then go to the social media network such as Facebook, twitter, MySpace, Bebo, LinkedIn, etc and promote your blog or web site there. Make sure that there are some traffics coming to your blogs or web site.