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“Take the helmet of salvation…” (Ephesians 6:17) has taken on a whole new meaning for me for the past eleven years. On September 6, 1998, if I had not been wearing a cycling helmet that morning, I wouldn’t be sitting here writing this article now. On that occasion my mountain bike’s right handlebar snagged on a shrub branch as I was going at a pretty good clip downhill in Los Angeles, causing the bike to flip and literally spin into the pavement. My helmet saved my life, so I’m told. Although I did bounce off the left side of it and then slid on my face, the concussion was nothing compared to what would’ve occurred without protection.

1) Avoid as much as possible the use of hot irons to straighten your hair. You have heard it a dozen times before, yet you ignore the simple rule. These hot devices will only break it more. Find clever ways to get the desired hair effect without having to apply damaging heat. If you want a straight do every single day, you may want to try what Jada Pinkett Smith says she does. She wraps it. At the end of this article is a link to a youtube video that will show you how to wrap your hair. If you want to get a curly effect without the heat, use curlers and let air dry, or cut and shaped toilet tissue rolls to get a desired curl effect.

Heart Shape: Avoid cuts that create too much volume around the crown as that can make the width of the forehead look bigger. Wispy light fringes suit a heart shaped head and blunt fringes look great, especially if your hair is rather thick.

A visit to Yosemite Valley and the Mariposa Grove will take the good part of your day. But that is only half of the fun! A visit to Yosemite is not complete without a trip to Wawona, a community located inside the park in the valley. There is a covered bridge there, and you can explore the Merced River, Wawona Dome formation, and Chilnualna Falls. In Wawona you can stay at the Victorian hotel that boasts its own golf course. Imagine playing a round of golf with El Capitan towering above you! There is a post office, two grocery stores, a library, and a gas station in the town. Wawona is off the beaten path, so if you are looking to get away from the crowds that come to Yosemite, this is a great escape!

Secondly, like any other hot item, do not put the straightener on or too close to flammable products or items that will easily melt such as plastic combs. I have partially melted a comb in the past. Oops!

Take care to look the part. An interesting study revealed that if a vet dressed ‘down’, they were rated as low in effectiveness. However if they dressed in a white coat and wore a stethoscope (however superfluous), they were rated as highly effective! Go to expensive Minxcontemporaryhairboutique to get the best advice on how your hair should look. Go to an image consultant to match your colouring, your style and the context of the clothes you are wearing. Go to the gym. Buy expensive shoes and keep them polished -people DO notice. Make sure your nails are carefully manicured. Make your appearance looks better than expectation to make an impact.

During the spring, Yosemite Falls is so powerful that its roar can be heard throughout the valley. Yosemite Falls is actually two falls, Upper Yosemite Falls and Lower Yosemite Falls. To truly appreciate the falls, take the valley from the floor that will take you to the base of the falls. Together, the two falls drop 2,425 feet!

If you can reprogram your mind to produce this wonderful slimmer, trimmer and healthier you, your subconscious mind will produce new ways to help you change your existing bad eating and lifestyle habits to healthier and more positive ones. You may just find that you start to really enjoy more activity whilst eating less and more healthily without the need for any will power what so ever!