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You have recently gotten a job in Russia and you are about to start that always-dreaded moving process. You’ll have to ship not only your furniture, and get yourself to your destination, but you will also have to ship your car. How do you ship your car? Can it just go on the airplane with you? No! It might sound awful trying to get your car across the Atlantic, but it’s actually not nearly as bad as it seems. Shipping goods to Russia can be a very simple process if you keep a few things in mind while you’re trying to figure out how you’re going to get your car where you’re going.

Once you have hired a professional car transporter, certain preparations should be done before your vehicle is being shipped. You may be transporting your car in enclosed or open trailers, but still it is important to wash your vehicle thoroughly. By doing so, you will be able to notice any chips, dings or scratches on the vehicle accurately. There may be many personal items in the car and for the safety of such items, it is better to remove them. Moreover, the vehicle transport company would not be licensed to legally carry the personal items on board. The personal items on the car would not be covered under the insurance too.

Not only is moving a time consuming event it is also an expensive one as well. If you are planning a long distance move the cost of driving the cars to the new home can become an unsightly figure. The cost of gas seems to be on the constant rise and just imagine how expensive a 2,000 mile car ride can be. This is not to mention any damages that could happen as you are driving from putting all that extra wear and tear on your car. Why chance all this and why pay more when you can get a Car shipping Hawaii company to move your cars for you? Most car transport companies offer door to door pickup and delivery of your cars, so a lot of precious time can be saved. What you do with the extra time is completely up to you.

I did not realize that Car shipping is seasonal until one of the car shipping company told me. Basically, there are some periods in the year where it is actually cheaper to ship your car assuming the destination is the same. It is best to ask the car shipping company about their rates throughout the year. You may realize that by delaying to ship your car by a month or two could save you hundreds of dollars.

1) The companies you select should be able to meet the requirements and the criteria that you have. If they do not match your needs of car shipping, do not include them in your list.

1- Research, research, research. This is the single most important thing that you can do before you hire a company to transport your car. You will need to speak with references, find out if the car was delivered without problems. If problems did arise, how were they handled? You will need to know if anyone was unhappy with the service and what, if anything, the transport company did to fix the problems.

There are many car transport companies that are in the market today. You can make a simple search on the net to get a list of such companies. Most of these companies will offer you a free quote. You can then compare the quotes from various companies and see which one works for you the best. Also read all the terms and conditions of the company that you select before you enter into any kind of agreement with them.