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Have you purchased a new computer and planning to take internet connection? Or you have more than one computer at your home or office and want to connect them with home network? When it comes to network, there are two options – Wireless and Wired Network. Now, you may think which one to choose, wireless or wired. You are not alone. Many are there who have the same question. In this article we have given a brief discussion about both of them. For router configuration, you can consult a computer repair company that offer tech support to the PC users.

If you are a small business or an at home office you probably have a tiny router that handles what is called DHCP ( this is a service that manages IP addresses ).

Network Security online is a “system” and that is why you should consider combining these tips mentioned in this article rather than choosing the easiest one to implement.

In general, the casual players are pretty safe. It would take quite a bit of work to do a sophisticated hack against individuals in their homes, and generally speaking it would not be worth the time or effort to go after such a small “score”.

Then, you need to purchase some of the available free stresser books in the market to study and fully understand the meaning of network security such as risk identification, security system, virus detection, hacking prevention and others. In most of the study materials, they will publish related scenarios for you to solve.

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