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Having to deal with sweaty hands can be difficult for many reasons especially because of the embarrassment it can bring out every time you just touch someone else. The thought of your hands sweating on someone else frightens you because you do not want anyone to give you that disgusted look. This fear puts you in a position to try and hide your sweaty palms all the time. is a method wherein the body parts like hands and feet are subjected to electric current through water with the use of an instrument. This procedure may last for about 10 to 20 minutes. It works by stimulating the sweat glands stopping sweating.

Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy is a relatively simple procedure that is done in local anesthesia but the problem with this treatment is that a lot of people start experiencing compensatory sweating on torso and their back. So even though that it’s highly effective it’s also highly risky.

Other ways to stop hands sweating is by patting baby powder on your hands periodically throughout the day, thick lotions, antiperspants, and ETS surgery.

There are three main solutions to treating this condition however, (coming from someone who has been there) I can tell you that some are fantastic and some are not so fantastic. So lets check these methods out.

Iontophoresis: This is a treatment which is used by some hospital physiotherapy departments. The treatment wasn’t easily available earlier but now most hospitals have the equipment. You should ask your doctor to find you a place locally where the treatment is provided.The first step of the treatment requires you to place your hands in a bath of tap water. Through this, a very small electrical current is passed for time duration of 15 minutes.

Beta blockers, clonidine hydrochloride and anticholinergics have been found to be effective. These work by inhibiting the sweat glands, which cuts down on all sweating. Reduce your Hand Sweating using these medications. However, they should not be taken long term because of their side effects. These can even cause blurred vision, urinary retention dry mouth, impairment in speech and other functions in the throat and mouth, heart palpitations and constipation.

If you have excessive hand sweating and are searching for the right treatment, I would suggest iontophoresis before any other invasive or surgical procedure. You could very well be pleasantly surprised by the end result. So start living, just like me.