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Many people think that cruising the open seas on a luxury ship is a vacation we cannot even dream of. However, with some careful planning and searching for an incredible cheap cruise a cruise can be affordable. A cruise vacation can be just as much fun without having to spend a fortune. Saving money on your cruise is not just only about finding cruises bargains, but knowing how to save money when you are on board. The cheapest cruises offer the same opportunities for fun and frolic. Cruise ship companies realise that they have a huge opportunity but increased capacity and competition is forcing them to offer incredible cruise bargains to fill those cabins.

There is nothing like a cruise vacation if you want relax. Think about it. Almost any cuisine is available around the clock. Activities are there for you to take in or ignore. And you can sleep in all day and be up all night. Or go for the reverse – let nature’s alarm clock get you up with the sun and then hit the pillow when the moon comes out. You’ll sleep well in today’s luxurious cabins.

You may be able to book your own tours in advance that are not associated with the cruise lines and save money. Just make sure you are back in time before your cruise departs since the ship is not affiliated with the private tour that you decide to purchase.

Neither has to be an excuse, as you can easily find a cruise that lasts a day or two and which can cost, at the moment, from between $150 and $375. While most such cruises actually do go somewhere, some are actually a “cruise to nowhere”. The ship leaves port, sails around for the time of the cruise, and generally returns to the port from which it left. Many such cruises are offered by cruise lines such as Carnival, on excellent and exciting ships. The entertainment and accommodations are often the same as those enjoyed on longer cruises.

Book Guaranteed Rooms – When booking your trip, cruise lines sometimes offer what are called “guaranteed rooms”. Basically that means, at minimum, you are guaranteed that category room, but are willing to wait for your cabin assignment. In many cases, this may mean you will receive a free upgrade. We’ve had great success getting upgrades.

While river cruise vacations are extraordinary, the may not be for those under 40, but for those of us who prefer to travel with smaller groups of like-minded people, see and experience a destination in depth, then this type of almost fully-inclusive river cruise vacation is right for you.

You could also check with some of your credit card issuers if they offer cruises as a part of their rewards program. Because many cruise liners are looking for promotional opportunities, they usually tie up with financial institutions and credit card companies and offer cruise packages as rewards for their clients.