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If photography is your hobby, you can make it more than just hobby. You can make money from this hobby by being a wedding photographer. You will get a lot of fun in doing this job because you can meet a lot of people in their happiest moments. Besides, you will also get more experience so your skill in photography will also be improved. However, before start to be a wedding photographer, come important things should be prepared so you will be totally ready to be a professional one.

You truly have to love what you do. If you don’t love photography and you only are in it because you see others making money. You are definitely in it for the wrong reason. I can’t express enough how difficult it can be starting off in the photography field. There are lots of photographers, but if you really are in it just for the money. It will show in your work. Quality comes from you love and passion for photography. Quality is much more important than quantity. If you are able to capture unique and one of a kind photos. You’ll stand out from your competition.

The Lustre finish has a fine sheen. It’s not glossy, nor is it matte. The colors really pop, and it resists fingerprints and water droplets. If you ever spill water on a print, drain it off and air dry. Don’t dab or wipe it, and you might save the print.

Make sure that you and your siena wedding photographer are on the same page. Avoid any after wedding disputes by knowing exactly how many proofs, contact sheets, prints and electronic pictures you will be receiving and how much the package will cost you. Get it in writing so that there are no misunderstandings later.

Make sure the photographer fully explains what you are getting for your money. Are you getting full rights to the photos? How much time is included in the price? How long will it be before you receive your photos?

Wedding photography can be great in the rain. Don’t stress as you can often still have great pictures in all weather but don’t get caught holding a brolly when there is lightening about.

To begin, create a checklist, you should understand what the bride and groom are looking for. What type of photos they want – formal, color, black and white mix?? Any particular shots they want. Help them with this decision, if possible, show them what you have done before the samples.