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The Sikhs are a small religious group founded by Guru Nanak in the fifteenth century. In all after Guru Nanak there were 9 Sikh Gurus. The last being Guru Gobind who created the ‘Khalsa’ on baisakhi the New Year of Punjab.

Don’t get fooled by roadside stalls selling cheap imitations of Indian handicrafts and hand looms. Buy from govt. and state emporiums to get genuine quality souvenirs. If your base is Delhi, visit Delhi Haat or Janpath for authentic products. Never fall prey to cheap street shops claiming to sell original Pashmina. Take our word; if the guy has a stall next to a lemonade cart, you aren’t getting an inch of Pashmina!!!

The battle took place on the day of Good Friday. The British Army Admit Card gained upper hand over the Ethiopian empire. The casualties were more on the side of Ethiopian empire. The deadly battle took place for nearly two days. The Ethiopian King Tewodros II was fighting a losing battle. Finally, he realized that he was no more going to win. So, he killed himself so as to prevent himself from getting captivated. Thus, the battle came to an end with victory over the side of the British Empire. The British army set fire to many churches and buildings near Magdala. The British also plundered and looted the Ethiopian Empire.

“I know the Malays have no money. You Chinese have the money but still I just can’t simply sign the application for you. You have to tell me who are these people, what is their background?” Tunku admonished.

The establishment of the cantonment reads like a fairy tale. It starts with the battle of Mahidpur in 1818 when the Marathas under Holkar fought the English under Sir Thomas Hislop. The British won the battle and Holkar had to cede some land to the English near his capital at Indore. The treaty of Mandsaur which Holkar signed gave the British the legitimate right to set up a cantonment. This they duly did at MHOW about 15 miles from Indore.

Rajiv Gandhi. He was the elder brother of Sanjay Gandhi and after his death was inducted into the Congress party. He was initially reluctant to enter politics, but later relented and was prime minister from 1984-89.

This week I sat at my computer with a thought in my head about how the Muslims are constantly exalting God. (By the way, the ALLAH that Islam is constantly referring to is God (YHWH.) They will say something like, “You cannot fight God (may his name be exalted…).” Christians don’t do that, and I was wondering why – so, I typed in the phrase exalting God.

International sports pundits hailed Milkha as a great athlete, the greatest who ever emerged from India. He was awarded the Padma Shree in 1959 and even Pandit Nehru hailed his exploits. There is no doubt that Milkha was a man of indominatble spirit and he did India proud. But the sad part is that 50 years down the line no Indian man-made it to the finals of any sprint event at the Olympics. That is a tragedy. So let us remember Milkha Singh the flying Sikh and resolve that India will produce at least another 100 flying Sikhs. Will it happen?