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Our cats must think we’re crazy. Once a year, humans set up a tree inside the house, hang lots of pretty sparkly things on it-and then tell the cats not to play with it. From the cats’ perspective, this certainly doesn’t make any sense. Unfortunately, when kitty plays in the Christmas tree, she’s risking injury to herself, and to your precious ornaments.

Our show, which I’m certain everyone is familiar with, is told from the point of view of “Sam the Snowman” who happens to be the narrator of the show. Sam tells us the famous tale of the young Reindeer with the red nose who is constantly teased by all Carry Permit Online School the other reindeer they make his life miserable by constantly making fun of his glowing nose or shunning him all together. Poor Rudolph finally finds a friend in the form of an elf whose greatest wish is to be a dentist named Hermey. Rudolph also befriends a prospector named Yukon Cornelius.

Elgin Farm has a variety of animals to see: goats, rabbits, ducks, llamas and more. Everyone can enjoy hayrides and get lost in a hay maze. You can watch as wreaths are handmade every day, and the gift shop stocks holiday decorations, jewelry and local jellies. Leashed pets are welcome too, meaning you can bring all the members of your family to this farm! Educational tours are offered in October and December.

I got in touch with the folks who run the gift shop at Cleveland’s “A Christmas Story House”, and they told me they do, indeed carry Ralphie’s BB gun, a 25th Anniversary limited edition collector’s model with a certificate of authenticity and all the trappings. The good news is, and you’re hearing it here first, after I contacted them, they told me I wasn’t the first and decided to add it to their online catalog.

Glock 22, is not only trusted by a majority of local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies, but it also has a 15 round capacity and comes in a .40 cal or .45 ACP. This is a great pistol and is enthusiastically recommended for carry carry permit online school.

People kill people. Guns are merely tools. If the heart is evil, there is no way to stop a murderer. And the murderer’s tool box is filled with many options. More people are murdered each year with hammers than rifles.

You have no idea how much kids really cost, do you? I’ve heard this excuse from guys having as little as $40 taken for child support each week. That’s $160 a month. For everything. The major stuff is obvious: food, clothing, shelter costs (housing and utilities), transportation, and medical care. Now remember the incidentals that add up: laundry soap, crayons, toothbrushes, a tricycle, a permit online, and hundreds of other things over the years that you can’t predict right now, but that you know your children deserve. Do you think you could buy all that stuff with $160 a month?? Even if you paid $500 a month, that would be just $6,000 a year. That’s well below poverty level. Is that the life you want for your kids?

It would show Rockefeller Center’s (owned by Tishman/Speyer) concern for the environment and would be fun and creative at the same time. And we wouldn’t have to kill majestic old trees.