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The Inspector is in cahoots with the real estate agent – You know, this is the one that galls me to no end. While there are certainly examples of that having been true, I am not personally aware of any such examples. When choosing an Inspector, or a real estate agent for that matter, you should have already weeded out any or either of those that are unethical…because those two people being in some sort of unholy alliance is just that…unethical! It happens far less than you might think or might have been led to believe.

Yes, you could make sure you have something to say about decisions and get yourself elected on the board of directors; still, you are not the only decision maker.

This is where we meet to discuss your real estate needs. Our initial meeting will help me determine what you are looking for by evaluating what you want and need in a home in the Manhattan real estate market.

After the offer is accepted by the seller, it is wiser to hire a home inspector. The Palm Springs home inspector will see to it if the home is good enough and doesn’t have any structural problem at all. The factors that should be inspected by the home inspector are mold, rot, plumbing, wiring issues and so on. If the home inspector find major problem, you can lower your offer or ask your seller to do the repair. But if in case the seller insisted to do the repair, and can just move on and look for another home.

3) Furniture/Decorating – Some forward thinking real estate agents can arrange to have an interior decorator or home staging company inspect your home. These people can make suggestions and help rearrange furniture in your home to show at its best. Show you some inexpensive ways to redecorate or change furniture.

As with any real estate, location is number one. If you want to live in the city, suburbs or a rural area, there are things to look for. Remember, if you are buying land where you plan to build a home, do you mind that the railroad tracks are so close that you may think the train in running through your house? Is the property on the side of a mountain and only goats can climb to the top? Is it in a flood zone? Twenty acres with a few of the mountains, but in a flood zone isn’t a good choice.

Even if a seller has got an inspection done on a house, it is always recommended that a buyer still get one done for himself. It reduces the risk the buyer has. It also re-assures the bank from whom the buyer is getting financed. They know that their investment is safe and it reduces the chances a court has to get involved. If your going to buy a pre-owned home be sure the home has the crucial 5 “Must Haves” and you can sleep well knowing you have made a good decision and a good purchase.