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Home ownership is a dream for many people who simply want someplace to call their own. It is nice, of course, to build equity and plant roots, but one of the main perks of owning a home is the sense of stability it affords. That applies whether you are in your 20s or in your 80s, or anywhere in between. Though most people own more than one house during the course of their lives, there are many reasons why condos are worth a look from first-time home buyers.

Hopkinson House at 604 S. Washington Sq.: Sitting on the south side of Washington Square, with a mix of studio, one and two bedroom units, The Hopkinson House has a high owner-occupancy ratio, and rental garage parking on-site. All new windows were recently added, and the building has a solid reputation for being well managed. Roof Top pool, and most units have outside balconies. Many corner units, and great light are common for this value oriented high rise. Half the units face Washington Square Park, the other half face sunny south.

It will help to consider the costs of a condo with regards to the Toronto Home Buying Tax. This is a tax that is important to watch for when buying a condo in the city. This tax is a city imposed tax for new properties within the Toronto area. It will have to be paid in addition to the Ontario Land Transfer Tax. A typical tax from the city of Toronto will certainly cost $800 or more.

You may not think of Phoenix as a great place to have Condos, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Phoenix is actually one of the best places for centrecourt developments and you are sure to find one that is perfect for you, if you just know where to look. This article will detail some of the best condos in and around the Phoenix area. You will definitely be able to find one that suits you.

A condominium, or condo, is simply a piece of property that one may purchase within a larger structure. Homeowners share in the costs associated with maintaining the building, and often elect a board responsible for making big decisions like roofing and others. (For an in-depth look at what condos really are, take a look back to see our article discussing the definitions of condos and co-ops).

Orlando is a very popular city in Florida, mainly because Disney Land is there. So, Orlando has a great demand for places to stay in, not only for business men but most of all for people who will take their vacations there.

Personal pools are available in most condos because most condos are located, if not near, in resorts. Gyms or fitness centers and restaurants are also found in condos but they are somewhat cheaper than most of the hotels.

In summary, here are the best buildings to buy a condo in San Diego if you want a great view in order. This list was written in 2009 but with a long term view out the next 10 years after future construction is built up.