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You would never want your system to be attacked by a virus. A virus would not only corrupt the information stored in your computer system but it would also potentially harm your hardware. The chaos involved in retrieving the lost data is far better off. Therefore, it is ideal that you take some significant actions to guard your computer from such a virus attack.

If you are uncertain that a pop up message is a scam, do not click it. Again, DO NOT click it. Instead close your browser and run your Avoin kirje real antiVirus program.

Do not make an e-mail longer than it needs to be. Remember that reading an e-mail is harder than reading printed communications and a long e-mail can be very discouraging to read.

#2 Once you have done this download and run a system and registry scanner. you cannot do this in normal mode because the malware will prevent you downloading this software.

This also applies to the articles about the President and the Federal Government. If they are checked out you often find them untrue and sometimes impossible. I sometimes hope they are true but I still check them out before sending.

4) Viruses cannot physically damage my PC – This is one of the more common things computer users are unaware of. Presently PC Virus hoax can in fact damage the machine physically, and as a matter of fact some are exclusively built to wreck hardware. Usually what is messed up is the hard drive. While it is much easier to ruin software, it is essential to protect your computer from these problems so that your hardware will remain intact.

This particular malicious software may be difficult to remove but there is an efficient way to do it. One way of doing it is by using the Safe mode program or the rkill program. These are backdoor programs in Windows that can access the processes and programs. They can kill processes and the applications that the virus runs on. Then, the virus is vulnerable enough to be deleted. The only downside is that the user has to have knowledge in running such programs. Since these are not the usual ones being used, it may be confusing to use.

By following these steps you can help your PC stay free of any malware and optimize it to run at peak performance instead of crawling along and being at risk from malware.