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These days almost everybody has two things, a digital camera and a Facebook account. Have you noticed that you are being photo tagged on Facebook almost every day. Facebook claims to have over 10 billion photos from their users. If you think about how much money is not being made on Facebook, you have to rethink the next time you upload another photo on Facebook especially if you are a professional photographer.

How to tell: Look at their galleries photographers online. If the photographer loves what they do you’ll know because you’ll love their photographs as well. You can also read their “about me” page if they have one to learn a little more about them. Don’t be afraid to ask if they have children if that is important to you and see how they are when they meet with you. This one really shouldn’t be too hard to figure out and if it is I’d keep looking.

Talk to a few shortlisted photographers. You might want to pick one who has experience shooting the kind of styles you want. Ask to see some previous works and check out their pricing and package. Some photographers will charge you more but in return they throw in more stuff. On the other hand, a cheaper initial quote could end up very expensive as you will be tempted to add more pictures as you go.

You should also make sure and weight your prop down so it doesn’t tip over. You see newborn DC Corporate Head Shot photographers that use flimsy bucket props that can easily tip over. If you do decide to use a bucket prop then you want to use a very sturdy material for them to prop up against. If you use a plastic bucket or anything that may bend then you could be moments away from a life threatening accident. If you need your assistant to help prop up your newborn then have them use their finger to prop up the newborn. You can go back and edit the finger out of the final shot.

As a photographer, I have a step by step system that I’ve used now for over 5 years that has allowed me to sleep soundly at night. Because I Know that if I have a hard drive failure or a flash disk fail while shooting a wedding that I have a backup and all the files won’t be lost. I take a lot of photos during the course of a week. I keep all my raw files as well as any files that most would normally delete. You never know when you may use them for another project. So, the amount of storage need to hold these photos is quite large. The good thing is storage prices have come way down over the past few years. With the flooding in Asia last year the prices of hard drives did go up a bit, but have leveled off once the supply and demand corrected itself.

You want to choose one that you can live with. If you have no capital to invest in your business, then it would make sense to find a gallery that will host your work and take their commission after the sale.

By following these steps in selecting your wedding photographer, not only will you find a photographer that will supply you with images you will cherish forever, but it will also greatly reduce the amount of stress you feel leading up to the day and on the day. You will know ahead of time that they are confident and capable. And you will already feel that trust. Your photographer will help your day glide along smoothly – directing photos and helping you feel content and relaxed. No rushing, no worries. And your dream wedding will live on in those beautiful photos they capture.