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Most often these are superficially formulated “wishes” that don’t have the strong roots of a good strategy or the active fertilizer of a cohesive plan to ensure that they blossom and flower for you throughout the year. The inevitable failure we usually face by the time Easter rolls around further reinforces any feelings of powerlessness and loss of control that may already be holding us back in our personal or professional lives.

Worried that Arlanda maybe too much for your budget…that is understandable but here are some of delightful things and must dos in Stockholm, all for free! Yes, you read it right. There are a lot of free places to go to and enjoy while in Stockholm.

The Royal Palace, the oldest palace still inhabited by its present ruler is also in Gamla Stan. Take a tour and experience the life of the nobility walking through the corridors that the past kings and queens of Conference near Stockholm took.

I don’t know exactly what time it is, but I think the clock on the wall is a couple of hours fast so I respond, “I’ve experienced time warp jumps into the future.” Nothing but a silent expressionless look from the doctor. I say, “The clock behind you is fast.” He probably puts a question mark next to the box he just checked for Further Psychological Evaluation Necessary.

Dr. Cerruto found that: ‘the higher the heel…the more relaxed the muscles’. Heels are also good for your spine because you must walk straight in high heels.

A visit to Stockholm should be part of your itinerary. Stockholm now boasts it is one of the cleanest most organized cities in Europe, plus also is safe to be in. The people are friendly and also fluent in English wish can be a boost for any lonely traveler. Stockholm has a very active waterfront with clear crisp waters that are more than easy on the eye, which seems to form an ongoing theme in Sweden.

Even with insulin treatment, though significantly lowered, my blood glucose level remains high. I’m always hungry and begging the nurse to give me more food (hospital food in Sweden is pretty good), and sometimes she gives me a little more even though they’re obviously trying to limit my carbohydrate input in order to get my blood glucose level down.