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Vendors, buyers, collectors and people from around the world interested in gems & minerals, jewelry, crystals and other earth products will gather in Denver for the 46th annual Denver Gem & Mineral Show September 13-15. The event-the second largest of its kind in the country-will be held at the Denver Mart Expo Hall at 451 E. 58th Avenue (exit 215 from I-25).

One of those techniques is to sell loot dropped from monsters in the auction house. It’s quite simple, the player simply sells the green, blue, and purple items that he cannot use on the auction house. To do this, first create an alternate character, also known as an alt, on the same server. Then, when the main character is playing and comes across some decent loot, he sends it back to the alt through the mail system.

More than 200 athletes have been involved with the X Games since they started in 1994. One of the highlights of the 2009 event was to honor them for their contributions to the success and the continually growth of this type of sporting event. Some of the biggest names out there have been a part of the X Games and they deserve to be recognized. You may not realize it but many of them don’t just participate. They also take part in the planning and hard work that goes on behind the scenes as well.

If layering is just too much effort, check out Absolutely Alice by OPI from the Alice in Wonderland Collection. At $8 a bottle, the silver, more and blue sparkle is great for Chanukah fun!

I do not watch a lot of television and yet, I’ve had my eye on four shows during the upcoming season. “The Crazy Ones” happened to be at the top of the list, being a Robin Williams fan. The other show I was curious about is opposite “The Crazy Ones,” unfortunately. “The Michael J. Fox Show” is the new NBC sitcom, featuring the return of Michael J. Fox to the living rooms of millions of Fox fans.

Danny Way was one of the top competitors in this category. Even though he had injured his knee prior to the event, he was able to offer a remarkable performance. Even so he was still able to get a switch 50/50 on the bent rail. His performance definitely set the bar for other athletes in this new category.

Three former Blue Hens are currently in the NFL – Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco, Cleveland Browns defensive back Mike Adams and Arizona Cardinals tight end Ben Patrick.